The ‘Angel Record’ shows the Akashic Records past, present and future for the Realm of the Earth

What does the ‘Angel Record’ tell us?

(These are the excerpts from the new page I created today, 20 Sept. 2018, for angelrecord.comWhat?)

Not only will a personal ‘Angel Record’ tell us of our Karma and/or Purpose within the Realm of the Earth, but we also get a glimpse of these ‘End Times’ in which this Supreme Lesson of Light and Dark, or Good and Evil, is played out.

The oldest ‘Angel Record’ that I have found so far brings the beginning of this era to the 10th Millenium BCE, in approximately 9842 BCE. The last ‘Ascension’ to the 7th Octave is recorded in the 6th Millenium CE. That is a span of approximately 16 thousand years.

I could go back further, but that is another era. Those secrets of how these Temples were formed to accept the upper ‘Vibrational Energy’ and the ‘Playground of Angels’ we built upon this Realm could be revealed, but time is of the essence. Right now, my Purpose includes revealing just these, the ‘Angel Record’ of the current era onto the ‘Ascension of All’.

An ‘Angel Record’ takes time to do. I start with a person’s ‘7 Karmic Incarnations’ and finding their ‘Octave’. For those of the 3rd and 5th Octave, I stop there. If the person is from the 7th Octave, I will fold the ‘7 Karmic Incarnations’ into the ’18 Incarnations of Purpose’.

I could peer into the ‘Angel Record’ and see the other ‘Incarnations of Experience’ that are also a part of a person’s journey through the Realm of the Earth in this great experiential lesson, but it takes time. Each Angel in this Realm receives a total of between 24 and 45 Incarnations, based upon their ‘Vibrational Energy’.

I have found many of my own, but there are so many and MY Purpose is revealing this book.

And, as I have done my own and those that the ONE calls me to reveal, I have discovered a great KNOWING of events and real dates of these events throughout our short oral to written history of the past 12 thousand years. As I stated earlier, the ‘Angel Record’ that I am revealing shows this lesson of ‘Light and Dark’ so that we all may know ‘Good and Evil’.

This lesson being played out is not as easy to understand as the lesson of ‘Hot and Cold’ or ‘Day and Night’.

This is what the ‘Angel Record’ of Angels and Archangels reveal so far:

9th Millenium BCE – The 9 Angelic Beings with whom the Purpose of this Realm revolves are: The Archangels – Mika’el, Sama’el, Gabri’el, Rapha’el, Uri’el, Razi’el, and Metatron. The two others of the 7th Octave are Ha’Satan and Lucifer. (Relate these to the mistaken naming of 9 Gods in Egypt, Greece, Central America, China and other mythologies.)

7th Millenium BCE – 1st contact and dispensation of Knowledge of oral language and farming/community.

6th Millenium BCE – Time of the ‘Watchers’. The ‘Fallen Angels’ begin to appear.

4th Millenium BCE – Dispensation of written language and other Knowledge. The time of ‘Joseph’ within Egyptian and Judaic lore. The beginning of Indus writing and Sanskrit in India and Mesopotamia. Knowledge also dispensed throughout the entire Realm. Religions and written records show this influence as the ‘Archangels’ are mistaken for Gods. The 9 upon this Realm of which the Purpose revolves are revealed.

2nd Millenium BCE – Dispensation of Knowledge of Spirit, Universal Light Energy (ULE) and the Temple. This was the time of ‘Moses and Aaron’.  They were the first recorded occurrence of the Doorway to Spirit, the Tree of Life, activating through the teachings of Razi’el. Moses and Aaron showed the relationship between gathering Attuned Temples and the ULE. Civilizations across this Realm were given this Dispensation so that ALL would know of the ONE.

1st Millenium BCE – Beginning of ‘Prophecy’ and connection to the Spirit of ONE. As we are all Angels, the ‘Vibrational Energy’ and ‘Greater Gifts’ appear across this realm to those whose ‘Temple’ is attuned. The ‘Karmic Incarnations’ of the ‘Archangels’ begin.

0 – Mika’el is Incarnated as ‘Yeshua the Nazir’. He lives as a man until he is called to reveal the Knowledge of the ONE. This was the great Dispensation of Knowledge and the Attunement of Temple. This event within the ‘Purpose’ of this Realm was meant to ready the Mind, Body and Spirit of the ‘Temple’ to the ‘Understanding’ of our Spiritual nature. As such, the ‘Three Natures of the ONE were revealed and recorded. This was shown as the ULE relationship to the Attuned Temples opening the Doorway to Spirit, the Tree of Life, again.