“Tellurian” by Mark Kalita sample Chapter 1 “Tellurian”


By Mark F Kalita



First Edition,  August 2014

Copyright 2014 Mark Frederick Kalita.Quotes from extant works are in public domain.


Dedicated to ALL

earthbound entities

that they may live in

peace forever more


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Tellurian

Chapter 2 – Incarnation

Chapter 3 – Remembrance

Chapter 4 – ONE

Chapter 5 – Inhabitants

Chapter 6 – Consecrate

Chapter 7 – Forest

Chapter 8 – Unity

Chapter 9 – Temple

Chapter 10 – Serve

Chapter 11 – Earth

Chapter 12 – Peace



Chapter 1




Sitting with her first son, the future mother extends an arm around him as she rests her other arm upon her pregnant body. The young Tellurian boy rests his head upon her swollen belly and wonders how this one great person could be, in fact, two. For a three year old, he knew he loved his mother and this new baby was just an extension of her.

“When baby’s out I’ll show him the lake,” the young boy offered.

“We’ll have to wait until the baby grows a bit.”

“But, I think it will be fun,” the Tellurian boy poses in wonderment. “Why wouldn’t he want to play?”

“First, we don’t know if it is a he or a she,” mother attempts an explanation, “This Tellurian will first have to learn walking before it can learn play with you.”

“In fact, this little one will have to learn much more than just walking before he grows up and becomes a big Tellurian.

“I still have two more months of this little baby nurturing off of my body. Then, it will be a good couple of years before he is ready to run around with you.

Do you think you can wait that long?,” she asks her young son.

The boy pauses pondering the question thoughtfully, then responds, “Sure, I can wait. I like it here. Where else would I go?”

“Son, you are not going anywhere. We have a great home right here. I think we are all going to stay for a while longer,” the future mother lovingly states as she pulls her young son closer. .

“No worries,” she adds. “When you get a bit older, the Spirit of Tellurian will make itself known to you.”

“What is the Spirit of Tellurian, mother?”

“The Spirit of Tellurian is the unseen energy that sweeps within and around all things,” the mother begins as her son is noticeably confused. “Think of it as a gentle wind on a fine spring day that flows through you and gently touches your entire being.”

“The windddd,” the little one states as he playfully swooshes his arm.

“Yes, this gentle wind makes up all things and gives us life. That is why Tellurian are able to be at peace. We understand that everything is connected. We understand that whatever we do it affects us personally as well. As I blow wind into my hand it is felt by my hand. The wind is not totally invisible.”

The young boy follows the lead of his mother and blows into his own hand. He takes a couple of breaths and lifts his hand in wonderment. He looks as he slowly moves the hand through the space above.

“My hand is in it,” he exclaims.

Giggling, this future mother responds, “Yes, it is.”

“What is Tellurian?”

“You know a Tellurian,” the mother responds.

“Tell me.”

“A Tellurian is an inhabitant of the earth. It is one of our family. It is who your baby brother or sister will be. It is a very special thing to be Tellurian. We Tellurians have ventured far to be so blessed,” she begins to tell her inquisitive son.

“Just as the wind blows, Spirit is known to all Tellurians so that we might know the Intelligent Infinity of God. Do you remember your studies about life, my boy?”

“Yes, mother…,” the young boy drawls his answer.

“What does it say about Tellurians?”

“It says…,” the boy begins hesitantly, “the wind is in everything.”

“Son,” the mother states sternly.

“We are all ONE. Everything is connected,” the young boy proclaims.

“Thank you, son. That is enough for now. Help mommy go in the house dear boy.”

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