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“All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” by Mark F. Kalita released with the campaign #PeaceInAWeek for a road to peace worldwide

Mark F. Kalita announces the release of his new book, “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” and a challenge to the world, the #PeaceInAWeek viral campaign to find 100,000 new readers worldwide within a week

Venice, FL 27 October 2014 – Along with the release of his new book “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto”, author Mark F. Kalita extends a challenge to the world to find peace in a campaign he calls, #PeaceInAWeek. Mark challenges the world to buy the books and discover these truths. #PeaceInAWeek is looking for 1000 people to read the ‘Messiah Manifesto’ and begin the peace process.

“Whether you are looking for a second coming, the end of days, a transformation into a golden age, or another utopian land of light, ‘ye are gods’ and this is your creation. ‘Learn war no more’ and create peace in the unity of ONE,” states Mark in a recent interview referring to prophetic texts. “The peace of the world lies within all of us. From within is the only source to reach out and make your creations of peace, not of conflict and division. Understand the inherent consecration within the knowledge that all is of God, is God and is God’s. It is powerful and life changing. This is THE knowledge of the enlightened!”

As his new book is called “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto”, Mark contends in his recently published findings that by some supernatural manifestation he is the second anointed one of ancient Judaic prophecy. Yet, Mark understands that he can only give the information required for peace in the world, he cannot make the world accept it. Mark gives examples of the message so that the reader can choose peace. Mark understands the power of personal choice as free will is the tie that binds us all within our journey through the heavens. The message that Mark brings within the books “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” is that the world is moving from an epoch of war, deception and greed into one of peace truth and altruistic lovingkindness, and this is the one instruction manual everyone on the earth needs to walk into the light.

“I knew long ago I had the opportunity to affect the great change in the world,” Mark continues. “The writing was clear and the language withstood the message. My name, my birth, my heritage, my understanding and my insight seemed to approximate a character within the time untime that I could latch onto and formulate a system of peace. Not just peace within myself, rather peace worldwide that begins with an old understanding of existence and the natures of GOD, the ONE.”

He urges people all over the world to give this book to their preacher, ‘End Times’ expert, conspiracy theorist, bible expert, or psychic friend, and let them put it through the wringers of their references. With his findings on “End Times 5775”, “Time Untime”, “Secrets of God” and other titles, Mark is confident that the “Messiah Manifesto” will heal the earth and move all of our family on earth to the next epoch of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The book is not just about people, the entire earth is precious and consecrated within the pages of “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto”.

“I am only the messenger. I cannot force anybody to read,” Mark responds to a question on the presumptuous authenticity of his book. “The wise will understand the message within “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” and attempt to make it a barrier against the divisive world at large. By living within these basic principles of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness, each and every one of us can affect the greatest change. Only 1000 people coming together in this understanding and the teachings tell us peace will be found. I want to get it in the hands of 100,000 today and begin the road map to world peace tomorrow. Read the ‘Messiah Manifesto’ today, it could transform your life to love in an afternoon.”

In his book “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto”, Mark tells of a life realization that is foreign to most. In fact, many are told to believe that the concepts Mark relates are to be feared and put asunder as evil. Yet, within “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” the supernatural becomes natural and the ONE we call GOD is elevated even more. As the reader understands the true connection to the heavens all beings of the earth share, knowledge of the ONE gives way to peace of mind and of a blessed life.

“My findings in ‘End Times 5775’ woke me up to the stark reality that God, the supernatural and our true spiritual nature is 100% for real,” Mark instructs. “I have shown people in my life wonders and what would be ‘miracles’ to some. Healed, foretold, or simply knowledge, yet none do listen to the wind of the three natures flowing throughout their lives. The infinite ONE waits for you to listen and be healed. Yet none do hear the call of trumpets. If the world needs a sign, a sign of nature you will soon receive. For, not only did I find that the Judaic year 5775 was the start of these ‘End Times’, but I also found the ‘End Times’ that Jesus walked on the earth locked inside the same prophecy of Daniel. If my findings are true, my suggestion would be to get caught up with my books and get “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” as soon as possible. The sorrows draw near, I urge you to consider buying this book today.”

“I also offer this challenge to the unbelieving and skeptical ones in the world – buy the books and discover for yourself,” Mark offers. “Give it to your preacher, ‘End Times’ expert, conspiracy theorist, bible expert, or psychic friend, and let them put it through the wringers of their references. I know that their wisdom will see the truth of my findings. These times are real and you should be taking notice, too.”

The book “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” by Mark F. Kalita is available online today. This title is self-published by Mark F. Kalita and is available in paperback and Kindle. It is available for $7.95 through Mark’s website at, $9.95 through his publisher at, or on Kindle for $2.99 through Amazon at

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“Tellurian” 1000 World Peace Challenge

“Tellurian” by Mark F. Kalita
will be released September 3, 2012.
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My Challenge is this…

If only 1000 people lived as a “Tellurian” in harmony with the earth, each other and God, the resulting positive energies would flow upon the earth flooding all ‘Tellurians’ with Spirit and Light.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness can be the cornerstone of the world, if one by one we each turn from war, deception and greed with the teachings found in “Tellurian”.

“Tellurian”, by definition, is an inhabitant of the earth. I use “Tellurian” to envision a golden age when peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness spreads throughout the world. “Tellurian” is a harmonic resonance in love and comfort that all ‘Tellurians’ could live in one day.

You are a “Tellurian”. You could be liberated in God through this new understanding in existence  of our  life together on earth. With just 1000 of us standing hand in hand with this new understanding, World Peace can be achieved.
World Peace with just 1000 living as a “Tellurian” worldwide


It is time for all Tellurians to move into the generations of Light.

Let us all forget this dark aspect of war, deception and greed for the simple beauty of living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness for all generations of Tellurians.

A Tellurian is very simply an inhabitant of the earth.

Yet, it is barely as simple as that. To affect the greatest change we sometimes need to bring our future into our reality and stop telling stories of a land far away. The present moment is when the future of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness should be here. All of us, all Tellurians, have the ability to live in the Garden promised to us so long ago.

All Tellurians are first Spiritual beings born onto the earth. The earth resides within the Heavens of God. Tellurians who forget this heritage within this incarnation and the delusion of Temporal may use these Teachings to have Remembrance again.

This book of Rememberance was written so that all Tellurians may understand the ONE that is our God. All Tellurians have the Gifts of that Spirit within us and around us, waiting for each of us to listen and understand. Tellurian you are in the Heavens. The Heavens are all around you. The Spirit permeates throughout all things known and unknown.

Religions of men were created by men for the benefit of men. In the Heavens there is no religion only the adoration of God. This is the God who is the ONE. Within God is the Intelligent Infinity and the Tablets of Knowledge. Within the Infinite do we find the finite, this moment that we are.

You, Tellurian, are a precious Spirit that is living within the Temple of your human being wrapped in a womb of existence that is a shared experience between all Tellurians. All Tellurians are precious and special for we all have been given the same gift of incarnation into this earth.

Tellurians, the earth, you, plants, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects and everything contained in your Temporal understandings is within the womb of the ONE that we call God. You are in the Heavens and have a precious moment to walk in this Light of God. With the proper knowledge and compassion the entire Tellurian family can once again be free from war, deception and greed.

When Tellurians choose to live in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness within this Unity, Gardens of the earth will provide for the needs of all Tellurians forever more.

We are a family within the ONE. We are given a home to share with this family, for all generations. We strive to give each Tellurian liberation upon entry into this incarnation.

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