New Book Release – “Dance of the Blue Star Kachina” to be released February 16, 2019

Dance of the Blue Star Kachina

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Under the full moon, just before the sun sets on this beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, the beat of ancient drums fuel the dance of a shaman. Stirring souls of forebears long forgotten, ecstasy and energy combine to produce a glowing filament of spirit and prophecy. The onlookers, shocked as the shaman rises above the sands, sit amazed as a blue light emanating from within his soul rises to touch the heavens.

As this spiritual guide continues his dance, his hands raise in the air. The blue light emanating from his body intensifies. A shock wave spreads throughout the drum circle, reverberating and piercing the onlookers.

At once, and without being phased by the witnessed events, the onlookers, now participants in the shaman’s ritual, stand, turn and walk away as if on a mission. Their now crystalline blue eyes reveal smiling, blank stares of purpose as they proceed from the sand.

The shaman, in the center of the circle, slowly floats back to the ground, kneels and gives thanks to the Great Spirit – his ritual was successful.