About Mark


Mark Kalita is the author of over 40 books on Spirituality and our Spiritual nature. Mark believes that it is his purpose in life to transfer this knowledge of the Ascensions and the Light of the Angelic Realm.

Besides his role as Author, Mark also teaches workshops such as the “Ascension Workshop”. With interests in Tarot, Crystals, Healing and other Spiritual Gifts, Mark wants to share his knowledge with others.

When Mark isn’t writing or teaching, he spends time outdoors planting or planning gardens. His vision is to create a vast wilderness of food providing for our family. Through fruit bearing trees to herbs and edibles, Mark’s dream is to create a new epoch of lovingkindness in which all of our basic needs are met – beginning with food!

Each new story Mark creates is an inspirational bridge to a world that could be. A world without suffering. A world bathed in the Light of knowledge and compassion founded in the Unity of Existence.

Mark has authored more than a dozen books on the new religious thinking of the future found within the core of the ancient texts while fixing errors that modern religious fanatics falsely claim are part of these ancient texts. His books include; “Jesus Fallacy”, “Sevenfold Teaching”, “Matrix of ONE: Winning the Game of Life”, “End Times 5775”, “Secrets of God”, “7 Day Bodhi”, and others.

“If I can change the world at least 1% to peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness through my writing, my life will not have been meaningless and lost to the nothingness of time.”