Light Event

Light Event

“Light Event” by Mark F Kalita

Light Event

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This is the “LIGHT EVENT”, the science of the HUMAN BEING and our journey through this realm.

I also call it the UNITY PHENOMENON because it shows how our reality is made malleable by the HUMAN INSTRUMENT of light and being.

And, when our HUMAN INSTRUMENTS come together in the UNITY of the beautiful orchestral music of existence, energy is released in the form of the THREE NATURES of existence; the Omnipresent (all present), the Omnipotent (all powerful), and the Omniscient (all knowing). These subtle kinetic energies culminate in a “LIGHT EVENT”. This “Light Event” shows much like the subtle electricity called static.

This is the “Light Event” that has been predicted in ancient texts since the beginning of recorded history. The “SECRETS OF GOD” that I uncovered in ancient religious texts show how this “Light Event” is at the core of ALL major world religions.

This “LIGHT FORMULA” is the k(inetic) energy that is released when the constant of the I(nfinite) is aligned by the H(uman) variable. ‘x’ is the exponential rise of subtle energies when other H(uman)s are adjoined in the I(nfinite), also known as UNITY.

This “LIGHT FORMULA” also shows Light Workers how to make the most of their gifts when working in the THREE NATURES of existence. But, more importantly, it shows how to bring the Immeasurable Light of Being, that “Light Event” of peace and love, into this realm forever more with a small group of Human Beings attuned to the I(nfinite), or UNITY.

Science has, to date, ignored the Human Being as a measurable quotient of existence. The LIGHT FORMULA makes us ALL a measurable variable in the most unique equation of existence.

Learn how to apply the ‘Light Formula’ in your life today!

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