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The Realm of Earth was discovered through a long range expedition that the Council of Realms conducted. When the ONE sent the Light of the Intelligent Infinity into this space of Octaves, a great many Realms of Experience were created. The Realm of Earth was included.

Initially, the Realm of Earth was off limits to the 7th Octave inhabitants of the Light Realms. The Earth was first found to be a primitive 2nd Octave Realm with a variety of life forms growing through the Octaves. These beings were still understanding the lessons of ‘Self’.

While left alone to grow as a 2nd Octave world for countless millennia, the Council was given a Purpose to use the Realm of Earth for the learning and growth of entities within the Realms of the Octaves.

The Council chose an advanced 2nd Octave creature to manipulate thereby producing a 3rd Octave host in which the Vibrational Energies advanced beings could occupy. It would be through these Temples of Spirit that entities could learn the lessons of ‘Service to Others’ and ‘Service to Self’, that benchmark Experience of which the ONE wished to explore.

The Council knew, by starting this Experience of ONE, the advancement of the Realm of Earth would be hastened exponentially. With the lessons of ‘Service to Others’ and ‘Service to Self’, the Light and Dark Octaves would have a launching ground to varying Realms of Experience through their Ascension.

Creating the 3rd Octave hosts was easy.

Convincing the Angels of Light that these Temples would accommodate them was another matter.

Somewhere within the myths and legends of our people is found the truth of who we are.

As this epoch of War, Deception and Greed closes, the only way to know if you side with the Light or Darkness is to understand the battle Mika’el is about to win.

Join Mika’el and his army of Angels as they journey through the “Jesus Fallacy” and prepare the Realm of the Earth for the Ascension of All.

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