Jesus Fallacy: Feature length script crowdfunding on KickStarter

Jesus Fallacy

Feature length script crowdfunding on KickStarter

Based on the early success of “Jesus Fallacy”, I have decided to take this brand to the next level and have a professional feature length script written so that this story can find a home on the Big Screen and reach a worldwide audience.

I know there are endless film and television projects that are striving to make it, but with today’s vast media outlets, I feel that “Jesus Fallacy” will become a successful Science Fiction movie.

And, when it is, it will not only entertain the world, but will also tell a story of historical, contemporary and future relevance.

I am asking for enough money to hire a professional Script Writer at WGA rates to write this Original Screenplay, plus expenses of rewards for this Kickstarter campaign.

As with all of my projects, I desire to make “Jesus Fallacy” one of the finest movies available today.

Please help me to make this dream a reality.

Thank You in advance for your support!

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