Hidden Messiah

Hidden Messiah

“Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy” by Mark F Kalita

Hidden Messiah

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Second coming or second witness? Don’t believe lies of power hungry men.

325 years after the first anointed one was killed, Caesar put the world deep into a new darkness of power and money, creating a new religion far different from the teachings of the prophet they hold as their altarpiece.

Today, adherents of this apostasy are overcome with denial as the “Hidden Messiah”, the second anointed one, delivers the true testimony of the heavens in these ‘End Times’.

Be as the wise and understand, or be as the wicked and continue in wickedness, dancing and rejoicing as he is put to death by the fanatics of a religion gone wrong.

The prophet Daniel foresaw the rise of the Roman church and the apostasy inherent within it. Remember, the visions of God are of the Spiritual nature, not necessarily of the temporal. Daniel was speaking of the formation of the Roman church when he spoke of his vision of ‘ten horns’ in chapter 7 of his book.

The ‘ten horns’ were the ten Caesars. The ‘three horns’ that gave power to the one happened with The ‘Edict of Thessalonica’ which was delivered in 380 CE by three Caesars, Theodosius I, Gratian, and Valentinian II, in order that all their subjects should profess the faith of the bishops of Rome and Alexandria.

The horn that came next was the Vicar of Rome, a descendant of Caesar, diverse from all the rest.

Through his edicts, he spoke great things against the truth, he changed times and laws, he divided the earth amongst the kings that knelt before him. He ruled the world through deception, torture and murder. For centuries the office of the Pope was feared for the brutality of the army it commanded.

Daniel said his rule would only be for a ‘time and times’. In the next chapter that time is revealed. The end of this Caesar is in 5775, or 2014 CE.

That time is now. The ‘End Times’ started in 2014. The end of war, deception and greed are coming to an end.

The “Hidden Messiah” has awoken and is here to reclaim the people of earth for the true God.

All is of God, is God, and is God’s.

In the heavens there is no religion, only the adoration of God.

Live in Unity as God is ONE.

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