“Economic Subjugation: One World Religion” by Mark F. Kalita released

Economic Subjugation One World Religion
The world is in the grip of money and power. Political decisions of our leaders are based upon contributions. Our so-called religious leaders stand on the pulpit and talk of money and prosperity while getting rich. Our society venerates the wealthy and famous above all.

“Economic Subjugation: One World Religion” understands that our societies have been driven by the love of money and possessions since the beginning of recorded history. This book shows the dangers of money and how the adherents to this religion gain power and influence over the masses.

To be truly free, one cannot abridge the freedoms of others. Through the religion of money, children learn at an early age that subjugation through money is an acceptable asset of life. To break this dark cycle of servitude we must first accept that the construct of money is based in control and power.

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“Economic Subjugation: One World Religion”
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