Eating Free Food for ALL

Our campaign to End Hunger worldwide by 2030 is an ongoing effort based on the book “Eating Free Food”, published in 2013.

Using the yield data within “Eating Free Food”, anyone can begin to design their own Food Security Program. With data on over 30 fruit-bearing trees and dozens of plants, “Eating Free Food” takes the guesswork out of what to plant.

By using the data in the “Eating Free Food” plan, we know that 100 acres of trees and crops could replace the breakfast and lunch programs for 1000 school children – EVERY YEAR.

Now, I don’t expect anyone in government to think of actual long-term solutions to these social problems, so, let’s say we split up these 100 acres between 3500 households. Each household would plant 4 fruit and/or nut trees on their property. When the harvest ripens, they would donate their harvest to a local non-profit that supplies schools with the harvest. Together, we could have our 100 acres and we could feed 1000 children daily, all from just you and I planting four trees on our property.

Imagine 60,000 or 120,000 families participating – Hunger could be wiped out in a few short years.

Polio is nearly eradicated, why not hunger?

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