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“Ascension Workshop” publishes prophecy on the Ascension to various Octaves from the Earth

With the release of the book, “Ascension Workshop”, I have released and published prophecy of the Ascensions previously left for the participants of my workshops. Though really not a prophecy, but more of a fulfillment of those prophecies of our Ancients. In “Ascension Workshop”, I disclose the  ‘how’ and ‘why’ of our eventual ‘Ascension’.

The one main prophecy is that this Realm will end for our species around 5800 CE as we become ONE with Existence again. Prior to that, all within the lower Octaves will have already Ascended to continue their journey within the ONE.

It will not be an end, but more of an absorption of Light and Love.

Very interesting vision!

Read the PaperBack Book “Ascension Workshop”

Ascension Workshop paperback
Ascension Workshop paperback