Angel Incarnations and the Angel Record disclosing those incarnations

Angel Incarnations and the Angel Record disclosing those incarnations

I have been able to find a person’s Octave and Angel Record for some time now. This gift appeared to me one day as I was asking about one of my past lives. Through understanding that life, I unlocked a gift that I never knew I had – knowing a person’s ‘Angel Record’.

The reason why I  call it an ‘Angel Record’ should be obvious, but I will explain it anyways.

I believe we are all Angels of the ONE. We are all travelling through the Octaves trying to find our way back to the ONE Creator, or the Original Soul. The ‘Angel Record’ is the record of an Angel’s Incarnations within the Realm of the Earth.

Through the understanding and compiling of many people’s ‘Angel Record’, I was also able to find out many ‘secrets’ of our history, purpose and future. I have been able to see the correct dates for many of our historical events. For instance, I know that Moses and Aaron were on the Earth in the 17th Century BCE.

I also know that the Earth will be renewed based on the teachings of 7th Octave Angels by 2080. We will live in a ‘Communal’ society in which we share and care for each other. This Light will last for approximately 1000 years as the Darkness will be cleaved from the Realm of the Earth.

Our people will live on the Moon, Mars and on one of Saturn’s moons in our distant future.

I know that the Earth will sink into Darkness after 1000 years, in approximately 3200 CE. At first, there will be an uprising on the Moon about 2600 CE after the Angelic Ascension to the 4th and 5th Octave of Light.

I know that the last Angelic Being from the 7th Octave will depart this Realm in approximately 5800 CE. It will be then that this Realm will end, being absorbed back into the Light of the ONE.

All of these things and more have come out of my work with the ‘Angel Record’.

While I give readings for people on their ‘Angel Record‘ and offer an ‘Ascension Workshop‘, I have also begun to disclose the ‘Angel Record’ of world leaders and influential people on

I am doing this to bring Light to the Darkness. So that we might see the Truth of who we are – Angels.