All is God

All is God

“All is God: Messiah Manifesto” by Mark F Kalita

All is God

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All is of God, is God, and is God’s.

In the heavens there is no religion, only the adoration of God.

Live in Unity as God is ONE.

This is the basis of all world religions, as it is the inspiration given by archangels to the people of the earth so they would live in the unity of ONE.

This manifest of the messiah repairs the breach and will shephard the world into the next epoch of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Discover “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” to learn what true righteousness is and what living in the light of ONE is all about.

“All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” also includes an explanation of the “Sevenfold Teaching” which was prophesied over 2500 years ago in the “Book of Enoch” as those instructions that would lead the world into the messianic age.

A quick, simple read, “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto” will change your thinking about the religious institutions of the day and how their worldly message runs counter to the true testimony of the heavens.

Live in peace for evermore with “All is GOD: Messiah Manifesto”.

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