Secrets of God

"Secrets of God"

When the archangels reset our calendar 5775 years ago and sealed the Tree of Life, they left communications for the path back to the Light of God so that we would be successful in crawling out of the abyss of darkness. Sometimes shrouded in mystery, these communications were kept and guarded by a people who thought better to hold and keep these “Secrets of God” to themselves in a selfish misunderstanding of the true purpose of those communications. The archangels have not stopped giving guidance to the people of the earth as their purpose is to hold our hands and guide us back to the Light of God.

From the ancient Judaic text the “Sefer Razial” we find the core of all major world religions and the central theme of these communications that the army of archangels have given to humanity so that we might walk in the Light and open the Tree of Life forever more upon the earth. Within the “Tanakh”, “Bible”, “Quran”, “Bhagavad Gita”, “Infinite Life Sutra” and even ancient Egypt heiroglyphs is this common core of understanding found showing that all religious thought and ancient texts direct the people of the earth to the same Light of the Infinite One.

“Secrets of God” not only shows this common core that is at the heart of all religious thought, it also gives the new understanding of the future Golden Age when these secrets will actually be used by the peoples of the earth as they live hand in hand with the truth of the Light of God. Not only does this groundbreaking work show a verifiable method to unlock the seal on the Tree of Life, it also shows and explains how to unlock the Greater Gifts of the blessings of God, up to and including life forever more.

Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age or have beliefs of a greater power or theism, “Secrets of God” shows our path through this realm and the understanding of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness that we all should share as we walk into the horizon of Light that is our future on this earth.

Find the Light and you will be successful!

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“Secrets of God”
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